Thursday, March 11, 2010

Shhh....they'll be back soon

I love to read. And when I say that, I really mean




But everything is totally crazy right now with a seven-month-old (who wouldn't go to sleep last night until 11, ugh), so I don't get to spend much time with books anymore.

This week's You Capture challenge is "quiet", and this morning I really SAW the books in my classroom. I LOOK at things all the time, but very rarely do I truly SEE them.

Yes, the books represent a quiet that I've lost at this point in my life (and I miss it!), but the time of day struck a nerve, too. I took this photo right before my eighth-grade students came to class and, less than three minutes after the shutter clicked, the room was completely full and alive with preteen drama and character.

And I realized that the crazy is what makes me appreciate the quiet.


  1. Love it! I used to teach eighth grade math...miss it, but love being home. Sometimes it's louder here than my classroom ever was!

  2. Nice picture! I love books.

  3. I'm longing for a good chunk of my life to come back where I have time to read and knit!



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