Thursday, March 25, 2010

googly eyeses

I've always loved the way Gollum in Lord of the Rings says eyeses. As in, "Wring his neck and pull his nosey, yank his ears and poke his eyeses!"

It reminds me of the way Dad likes to play with words, calling multiple moose meeses and multiple houses hice. Or saying something is an optical delusion and calling his office the orifice (one of my all-time favorites).

When Zeke was first born, Adam said he looked just like Gollum, kind of grayish and wrinkly, so I already had the Lord of the Rings connection. The moment I saw how this picture came out, I thought of Gollum and his eyeses; Zeke had just stopped coughing, too, so the metaphor was complete and my Lord of the Rings moment is preserved forever. **smiles**

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Zeke started earnestly reaching for things about two and a half months ago, but lately he wants ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that appears to be even remotely within his grasp. It's actually even more of a laugh when the thing he wants isn't anywhere near him, because he streeeee...eeeeetches his arms as far as he can and makes a hysterically funny furrowed-brow-of-surprise face when he can't grab it.

I tried to take some new pictures of him last week while he was sitting on our bed, and he kept going for the camera (it was close to his face so I guess he figured he had a shot at getting it into his hot little hands).

At first I thought the pictures were ruined, but then I realized:

THIS is what motherhood is!
THIS is what I prayed for, and
THIS is what makes me thank God every day for my beautiful baby boy.

He wouldn't be HIM if he didn't make my pictures go all crazy, and
I don't want him to BE anyone else.

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Shhh....they'll be back soon

I love to read. And when I say that, I really mean




But everything is totally crazy right now with a seven-month-old (who wouldn't go to sleep last night until 11, ugh), so I don't get to spend much time with books anymore.

This week's You Capture challenge is "quiet", and this morning I really SAW the books in my classroom. I LOOK at things all the time, but very rarely do I truly SEE them.

Yes, the books represent a quiet that I've lost at this point in my life (and I miss it!), but the time of day struck a nerve, too. I took this photo right before my eighth-grade students came to class and, less than three minutes after the shutter clicked, the room was completely full and alive with preteen drama and character.

And I realized that the crazy is what makes me appreciate the quiet.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My husband wore our son and I wish I had pictures to prove it!

I've missed posting here! It's been quite awhile, but it seems everytime I sit down to type, something comes up/dinner timer rings/Zeke needs to nurse/the dryer buzzes/students come back from lunch/internet stops working/onandonandonandon...

Something I've been itching to post about, though, is a major breakthrough -- Adam wore Zeke the other day! He wanted to wash dishes (a breakthrough in itself!) but didn't want to just plop Zeke in his highchair by himself, so he made an announcement: "Son, I'm going to wear you now".

**insert crickets chirping**

And I, in my infinite tact, said ".............Really?!"

Adam needed a little help putting Zeke in the Kozy since he's only ever done it once before, so I helped him get situated and tied up in front.

That went well for about two minutes until Adam realized Zeke was in the way while he was trying to use the sink (risking getting the Kozy soaking wet, of course).

So he then announced he wanted to move Zeke to his back, and I helped him get situated and tied up there, too.

Unfortunately, Zeke was not in the mood to be worn so I had to take him after about ten minutes, but it was SSOOOOOO cute while it lasted! My husband is the most handsome man in the world, anyway, but my heart just melted when he had our son on his back.

I think I need to tell him what a good father he is a little more often.

And next time, I think I'll get the camera.
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