Thursday, March 18, 2010

Zeke started earnestly reaching for things about two and a half months ago, but lately he wants ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that appears to be even remotely within his grasp. It's actually even more of a laugh when the thing he wants isn't anywhere near him, because he streeeee...eeeeetches his arms as far as he can and makes a hysterically funny furrowed-brow-of-surprise face when he can't grab it.

I tried to take some new pictures of him last week while he was sitting on our bed, and he kept going for the camera (it was close to his face so I guess he figured he had a shot at getting it into his hot little hands).

At first I thought the pictures were ruined, but then I realized:

THIS is what motherhood is!
THIS is what I prayed for, and
THIS is what makes me thank God every day for my beautiful baby boy.

He wouldn't be HIM if he didn't make my pictures go all crazy, and
I don't want him to BE anyone else.

See more of this week's "Reaching" You Capture assignment here.


  1. He's cute even if the picture is blurry. My daughter went through a phase where she always made weird faces. She doesn't do it anymore, but it reflected who she was at that time.

  2. Very sweet! Yeah, they don't sit still for much or for that often, and love to grab and jump on and play with all the things they shouldn't. Kind of makes it all exciting, doesn't it?! =)


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