Thursday, March 25, 2010

googly eyeses

I've always loved the way Gollum in Lord of the Rings says eyeses. As in, "Wring his neck and pull his nosey, yank his ears and poke his eyeses!"

It reminds me of the way Dad likes to play with words, calling multiple moose meeses and multiple houses hice. Or saying something is an optical delusion and calling his office the orifice (one of my all-time favorites).

When Zeke was first born, Adam said he looked just like Gollum, kind of grayish and wrinkly, so I already had the Lord of the Rings connection. The moment I saw how this picture came out, I thought of Gollum and his eyeses; Zeke had just stopped coughing, too, so the metaphor was complete and my Lord of the Rings moment is preserved forever. **smiles**

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  1. He's a lot cuter than Gollum, adorable actually!

  2. He is so cute!

    Laughing at the first paragraph, I'm always saying deers...drives my husband crazy!

  3. Oh my word :) He is SO cute. What a great post. Delightful!

  4. He is adorable ... great picture !!!

  5. Wow... I find it amusing that my family (esp MY Dad) also takes all of your aforementioned linguistic liberties, except for hice.

    I will add one of my personal favorites: taking a cue from wind-->wound, I like mind-->mound. As in "She should have just mound her own business".


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