Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I really need to get better at this. It's been nearly a month since I posted and lots of things have happened:

1. Zeke suddenly figured out how to nurse and cut 15 minutes from each feeding time.
2. We got to visit with my West Virginia family.
3. We started redecorating the den.
4. Zeke turned two months old.
5. We started going to Families for Natural Living gatherings (way fun!).

And now we're planning Zeke's first trip to Tennessee to visit Adam's VERY country great-granny. Yet another reason to stay at a hotel: she shoots out the window when she hears noises at night. Hopefully she won't try to start teaching Zeke to shoot a .22 this weekend; I think we should wait a couple of years for that.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Hooray for help!

Thank goodness for my in-laws! Now, I know a lot of people would be shocked by that statement and would look at me like I'm a total nut, but my in-laws are the best people on the planet (except for my own parents, of course!). They're willing to help whenever and with whatever we need, and I really appreciate that this weekend, especially. Adam went down to the river with his friends for a get-together they've had planned since last fall, and his mom and grandma both came to the house today. Grandma will be staying at least for tonight, and Robbin will be coming back tomorrow for the day, so I'll have tons of help with Zeke.

On one hand I feel a little incompetent (why can't I handle one little baby by myself?), but on the other I'm soooooooo grateful to be spelled for a little bit every now and then. My arms, back, and brain get tired, to tell the truth, even though there's only one of him! Plus, it's nice to have some other women to talk with, especially ones I really like.

One day at a time...

It seems that we have a difficult time having both a good day and a good night in a row, although today might be the day! Last night was wonderful; Zeke went down for the night around 1130 (a little late for Adam's taste since he had to get up early to pack this morning, but pretty good nonetheless), got up at 6 when Adam's alarm went off, and has been great with taking naps so far today. As I write this he's on his second nap of over an hour (the first was nearly two!) and will be very excited to learn that he's getting in the tub after he wakes up and nurses. I'll try to post a bath picture as soon as I manage to pull more photos off the camera.

It seems that the great outdoors is what works for Zeke. No matter what his mood, he's quiet, alert, and happy as soon as we step out the door. Therefore, we go on lots of walks; some are short and just involve taking Frank outside, but other are much longer and I'll either wear him in the Kozy or put him in his stroller to go up and down our road for awhile. Usually I have Frank's leash in one hand and the other hand either on the stroller (we have a VERY easily-maneuverable jogging stroller, a must for a gravel road) or supporting Zeke's head if I did a bad job putting him in the Kozy. We have to be careful to listen for cars, though, because some of my neighbors rocket around corners like I've seen only in rally racing.
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