Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Time for num-nums...

Zeke experienced his first solid food last week. We started him on some rice cereal (and then I read that experts now suggest starting with meat of all things; go figure), which lasted only one day before Frank ate the whole box, leaving just enough to coat the kitchen floor and make every step extra crunchy. After that incident, we gave up the rice cereal as a bad job and skipped straight to sweet potatoes. These pictures show him eating the rice cereal (Gerber's organic brown rice), but he's really into sweet potatos, apples, and bananas at the moment.

Currently we're feeding him Earth's Best organic baby food, but I started cooking some things last night which will eventually have an encounter with the food processor and freezer. Not only can we control what's in his food if we make it ourselves, but we can also encourage [really it's more like de facto forcing :)] him to eat foods that we'll actually cook later when he can eat more solid pieces. There won't be a weird transition from baby food to grown-up food because the food items themselves will be exactly the same; only the level of puree will be different. Plus it's way cheaper this way.

He's now eating in his high chair with us at the table for dinner. It seems to work out well with his daycare/Momcare eating schedule since he usually has a bottle right before Adam picks him up. Then, he's ready to eat again about two hours later, just when dinner is finished cooking and we're sitting down to eat our grown-up food. I've always heard that starting solid foods helps babies sleep better at night. Maybe they're supposed to feel fuller longer? I don't know. Regardless, it doesn't work. He's been up every few hours the last two nights. Teething, I think. Boo.

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  1. aw, he is so cute. we are doing the high chair search right now, actually! we don't plan on buying one until we get to Virginia, though--one less thing to pack and she'll be just over 6 months then, so almost perfect timing.

    Speaking of Virginia, Zeke and Audrey def. need some playdates!


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