Monday, November 2, 2009


So Zeke was a bat for Halloween:

Zeke and I had a somewhat lazy Halloween morning; we slept in a little bit while Adam went to work. I had a haircut appointment at noon, so I knew we'd need to leave in the late morning to get Zeke to my in-laws' house in time to make it. He decided to take a nap at about 9:00, which was fine, but then proceeded to stay asleep FOR NEARLY TWO HOURS!!! We made like a sheep herder and got the flock out and I managed to only be about 10 minutes late to the salon. It's amazing how a haircut can make you feel like a brand-new person, and I wasn't about to miss it :)

After my haircut we stayed at visited at Jack and Robbin's house for quite awhile, and Adam's grandparents came through on their way home from a family visit. They hadn't seen Zeke since Labor Day weekend, so they were excited to see how big he is and how much more sociable he's become. We took lots of cute Halloween costume pictures, but Zeke got grumpy after a few minutes so we had to cease and desist. I think he was broiling hot since it was 75 degrees in the house and his costume was made mostly of felt.

Finally we went out to Dustin and Megan's house for a cookout. Frank loved playing with all the other dogs (Kenzie, Jake, Dudley, Maggie, and Luther) and we had a good time visiting and eating good food. Unfortunately, the leftover burgers disappeared when Luther decided to try his hand (paw) at high jumping in the kitchen. Onto the counter. Where he ate all the burgers. Oh, well.
We finally got home around 10 (WAY too late for Zeke) and went to bed pretty much immediately. Church as usual in the morning, and we set the date for Zeke's baptism: November 22nd at the 11am service. Back to the in-laws' to pick up the Jeep (which turned into a four-hour visit), and finally home again to try accomplishing some household goals. That part didn't go well.

All in all, a VERY busy weekend, but it was wonderful and fun. I have two workdays this week and, since I don't give grades, I'm a little short on things to do. Not that I'm complaining :)

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