Wednesday, April 27, 2011

splish splash

Day Four: April 21, 2011

All morning Zeke was asking to go outside. Like, over and over and overand
overandover…I managed to talk him into helping me with the dishes first, though, which mostly involved him thrashing around with a wooden spoon as well as filling cups with water and dumping them back out again.

Sometimes into the sink, sometimes not.

We did eventually go outside; I’m a little embarrassed to admit being just plain too tired to go out when he first asked, but I defend myself by saying But he hadn’t even eaten breakfast yet! And I’m PREGNANT!

We hauled the boxwood branches from the other days’ pruning adventure to the brush pile, then went up to get Wednesday’s mail and Thursday’s New York Times. By this point it was after eleven, so we came in for a snack and Zeke subsequently went down for a nap, during which time I took the most glorious shower on the face of the planet.

After waking up it was off to Barbara’s for playgroup! Now, this was especially exciting because we NEVER get to do it; most of the other families feature stay-at-home moms, so they do playgroup during the day. Obviously, I do not stay home full-time, so we usually can’t come, but every once in awhile the stars align and it coincides with a day off. Thursday was one of those days.

There weren’t very many people there: just four moms with their kids plus a few other youngsters who had spent the night at Barbara’s on Wednesday. Barbara and Rebecca hid about 200 eggs in the woods behind the house and, after some brief instructions, they turned the kids loose to find them.

Zeke did not understand this game at all. He was much more interested in the branches, leaves, and rocks than in the eggs, until Sam’s daughter Chloe handed him an egg with jellybeans in it. After that, he still didn’t really understand the concept of looking for eggs, but he was smart enough to keep the candy from eggs the other kids gave him.

That’s my boy.

Barbara has a great backyard with lots of cool stuff: slides, a huge sandbox, a zipline, a trampoline, and a few other things. Zeke was too small to deal with most of them by himself, but he dug the sandbox (groan).

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