Saturday, August 21, 2010

Summer Events of 2010 (well, most of them, anyway)

So there’s been a lot happening since my last post (in April, eek!). In lieu of lots of boring commentary, I’ll just add a sentence or two along with the slideshow of each event, and hopefully that will do the trick :)

Zeke’s first birthday was July 23, 2010. We didn’t do a huge party or anything; just soda, cake and ice cream for our families. In hindsight, blue icing was a dumb idea.

We left to visit Jeff and Linda on Topsail Island, North Carolina the very next morning. The beach was SO RELAXING. I didn’t realize how tired of the routine I was, and we had a great time. My cousin Steph met us down there after a couple of days, and we had tons of fun all week!

More pictures to come, mostly from reunion and the end of summer.

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