Tuesday, August 25, 2009

For Goodness' Sake!

Yesterday afternoon was TERRIBLE! Zeke didn't sleep from the time of my last post until he finally dropped off for the night around 11pm. This wouldn't be a big deal except that he started screaming to eat within 15 minutes of finishing his previous feeding. I ended up calling Adam in tears asking him to come home as soon as possible, and he got home just a few minutes after five. As soon as Zeke was finished eating Adam took him so I could get a shower. It was GLORIOUS.

Unfortunately, Zeke continued this pattern well into the evening. Then, all of a sudden at 11, he just fell asleep and slept until 7am. Go figure.

Today has been MUCH better. He just woke up from a two-hour nap and is much less cranky than yesterday, plus I got a few things done around the house. Here's hoping for a good afternoon...

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